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Those families who have installed Impact Windows, rest assured that their home is protected from burglars and home invasions. Because of the double glass construction plus an inside layer of a shatter proof membrane, it is virtually impenetrable without special firemen’s tools. Security and ease of mind are driving forces for Impact Window installation.

Once installed, homeowners with Impact Windows enjoy great reduction in noise . The thickness and insulation in Impact Windows create a barrier which makes it extremely difficult for outside noise to penetrate.

Lowered energy consumption is a major advantage when installing Impact Windows. Sunlight and UV rays cannot easily penetrate them, and being a barrier and insulation, help cool the home and lower electric bills.

Impact Windows are a passive system of protection that needs no further installation nor the presence of the homeowner. It is an effortless effective way to protect your home during a storm.

Upgrading from panels and shutters to Impact Window can generate significant discounts in insurance premiums. When homes are code complaint insurance companies charge less premiums for protection.

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