Insulated Glass Windows

insulated_windowsInsulated Glass windows are also known as “Double Glazed windows” and “Double Pane windows”. The primary benefit of Insulated Glass windows is energy efficiency in the form of lower heat penetration. The heat reduction translates to lower energy cost and a more comfortable setting in rooms with intense sunlight exposure. There is a secondary benefit in the form of noise reduction.

Insulated glass can be described as two panes of glass separated by a spacer that seals air space. Insulated Glass windows are most commonly ordered with Low-Emissivity (“Low-E”) glass that is coated with an energy efficient material designed to lower the amount of heat penetration. The coating can range from single to triple coating. Another common upgrade is to fill the air space with argon gas for increased energy efficiency.

The Low-E glass has a slight greenish tint (triple coated glass tint is slightly greener). Many upscale new homes with large window openings and intense sunlight exposure are opting for the elegant looking Low-E glass. Due to the move to pursue Green energy saving alternatives, the Low-E insulated glass is increasing in popularity and will certainly add long term value to the homeowner’s property. Most manufacturers warranty insulated glass against failure for life.

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